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R.W.I.D, Strengthen your mindset

(Disclaimer: The entirety of this blog was taken from my husband Jeremy Smithson's Website . He is a Certified High Performance Coach that seeks to empower others to become their best self through strategized forward moving sessions. He's seriously legit! I HAD to share his words of wisdom and charge to become better here!)

R.W.I.D. stands for "Relative Weight of Importance and Duration". Have you ever had a thought come across your mind that stayed way too long? I know I have experienced this. We tend to be our very worst critic and when we criticize ourself, the thought spirals out of control. This action occurs as well when others send critical points your way.

"Stand above the thought and know your truth."

For example, when your boss points out your lack of follow up and this it is causing you to not meet your quotas, it does not mean you are a bad person, bad employee, or that you will lose your job. This means, your boss is giving you the opportunity to grow, change, and become your very best self.

One more example, when a loved one asked for you to step it up when you are at home and help more around the house, it does not mean you never help or never give support. Recognize the truth that is said and then support the request.

R.W.I.D.: The concept explains that for any given thought we have in our minds, we assign it a level of importance and we focus on it for a given amount of time. The more importance we give to a thought, and the longer we focus on it with importance, the more "real" it becomes in our minds.

"The great thing about our thoughts is that thoughts are something we can wield control of, and choose to give empowering thoughts more importance, and longer duration. "

The best way to gain control back is by mentally recognizing what is on your mental dashboard. What is on your mind right now? Should it be there? How long have you been thinking about it and will that thought move you toward becoming who you desire? I invite you to recognize the most important things that need to be on your mind for the longest duration. Maybe even make a list of empowering thoughts that will take you to the next level. I do this to keep me moving forward and away from self loathing, depression, and self destruction.

Today is the day you will mentally take control. You have to have a game plan for each time these thoughts enter your mind. Think of the photograph above. I know this was caused by extreme forces and high winds, but do you think they could have build this house out of more secure materials. Have you ever been in a concrete house? It is amazing, the foundation to the roof is solid and stable. I don't know if it could withstand hurricane force winds, but I feel it would be a great start.

Setting boundaries for your thoughts will dictate how much time you spend on one thought. Some of the boundaries may be more like actions taken. When a demeaning thought comes you may consider calling someone of support. When discouragement floods your mind, stand up and move your body to stabilize cortisol levels. Cortisol has the power to boosts energy so you can handle stress and can restore balance to your mind.

Test your mental state today. Find out where you are by completing the High Performance Assessment. I would love to help you gain the control you desire, and accomplish your amazing goals.

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