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Moods and Music

Do you have a go-to style of music depending upon your mood? Or do you seek after a certain kind of music to help you get out of a certain mood that you don't like?

I do!

Right now as I'm typing, I'm listening to piano, instrumental only, music. While I was in college, I heard for the first time that listening to classical style music while you're studying helps your brain to process the material better. I decided to put it to the test and quickly learned that piano music was my classical music. It helped me feel at peace when I was feeling anxious or uncertain with assignments.

I found myself regularly attending empty buildings to practice playing the piano when I was feeling like I needed some inpiration. Nearly 17 years later, I make a regular habit of listening when I need to calm anxious feelings, writing my feelings or when I need to relax.

Different genres are go-to's for me depending upon my current mood or the mood I desire to have. For example, when I'm feeling angry, listening to heavy metal music, singing at the top of my lungs in the car, helps me validate through singing those feelings. After a few songs, my emotions have released and I'm ready to be 'me' again.

When I need to move my body, dancing specifically, I enjoy listening to swing music and latin music. These beats hold a steady pace that allows for consistency in movement and expression. It's very rewarding for me. When I need to exercise through a hard cardio workout, I play music that is consistently changing in rhythm and beats to allow for flexibility in my training. When I'm lifting weights and want to burn out my muscles, I use songs that have a consistent beat through the song to allow for endurance.

And rap, my all time favorite genre of music. Through clean expressions of art, I enjoy listening and singing along with artists that are expressing their childhood, hard times, emotions, etc through song. This music helps me process my own feelings and sing in unison.

There are so many artists that have given of their time and talents to bless our lives through music. I'm grateful for the impact that music continues to have in my life to create certain positive moods, help me work through negative ones, or push me to work to the next level of physical endurance.

This new beauty gets to be apart of our family and home. The sounds of this gorgeous instrument instantly bring the Spirit of peace, stillness and calmness into my home that I desire to retain on a regular basis.

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