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Benefits of 3D Body Scanning

-See an image of your REAL body and determine the changes you want to make.

-See beyond the scale and numbers to track progress.

-See the results like never before! Inches lost as fat is melting away and muscle mass is increased.

-Scan every 4 weeks to track progress that you might not 'see' otherwise.

Step 1: Stepping on the Scanner

Shoes on or off and wearing form fitting clothing, carefully step on the Styku platform to begin your scan.

Stepping on Scanner.jpg

Step 3: Wait to be Scanned

Standing in the "A" position, remain still as the platform slowly rotates capturing your 3D Scan. After 30 seconds, and platform has stopped, safely exit.

Lauren_Overlaid_mmts_flip copy.png

Step 5: Analyze Goals & Make a Plan

Sit down for a 10-15 minute consultation with a Certified Body Composition Analyst to discuss scan and set a plan to improve health risk and fitness goals. 


Step 2: Getting Ready to Scan

With feet on the designated sensors, raise arms to an "A" from about 8 inches from hips facing towards the scanning tower.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 8.13.56 AM.png

Step 4: View Results

Head to the Laptop were you will find your 3D scan has completed and provided a detailed analysis. Here you will be able to see your 3D body possibly for the first time!


Step 6: Start Working to Improve

Now you're ready to get to work on a personalized nutrition and exercise plan with your Certified Professional! Scan again in 3-4 weeks.


How Much Does it Cost?



EVERYONE'S first scan is FREE!


Personal training clients receive 1 additional scan/month with 10, 15, or 20 personal training package.




Curious about your progress after the initial scan?


Recommended to scan every 4 weeks. Pay per scan.


No commitment.



Want to check in more frequently?

With the unlimited plan, check in as often as you like.

Recommended the same time of day each scan for accuracy.

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