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Benefits of 3D Body Scanning

-See an image of your REAL body and determine the changes you want to make.

-See beyond the scale and numbers to track progress.

-See the results like never before! Inches lost as fat is melting away and muscle mass is increased.

-Scan every 4 weeks to track progress that you might not 'see' otherwise.

Step 1: Stepping on the Scanner

Shoes on or off and wearing form fitting clothing, carefully step on the Styku platform to begin your scan.

Stepping on Scanner.jpg

Step 3: Wait to be Scanned

Standing in the "A" position, remain still as the platform slowly rotates capturing your 3D Scan. After 30 seconds, and platform has stopped, safely exit.

Lauren_Overlaid_mmts_flip copy.png

Step 5: Analyze Goals & Make a Plan

Sit down for a 10-15 minute consultation with a Certified Body Composition Analyst to discuss scan and set a plan to improve health risk and fitness goals. 


Step 2: Getting Ready to Scan

With feet on the designated sensors, raise arms to an "A" from about 8 inches from hips facing towards the scanning tower.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 8.13.56 AM.png

Step 4: View Results

Head to the Laptop were you will find your 3D scan has completed and provided a detailed analysis. Here you will be able to see your 3D body possibly for the first time!


Step 6: Start Working to Improve

Now you're ready to get to work on a personalized nutrition and exercise plan with your Certified Professional! Scan again in 3-4 weeks.


How Much Does it Cost?



Curious about your progress after the initial scan?


Recommended to scan every 4 weeks. Pay per time.


No commitment.


$29/month add on

Already have a monthly membership for fitness classes?


Add on 2 scans/month for monthly fitness challenges.


3 month minimum commitment.



EVERYONE'S first scan is FREE!


Personal training clients receive 1 additional scan/month with 10, 15, or 20 personal training package.


Additional scan for 21 day Reset Members at end of Program.

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