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Following my gut/Promptings

When we were in the process of moving to Arizona, I had the opportunity to share with many people our 'why' behind such a crazy decision to move. Here's what didn't make sense to our move.

  • we had family and friends close by

  • I had a successful personal training business

  • we lived in Utah for almost all our married life and we have raised our children there

  • I love the mountains

  • I really, really, really don't like to be HOTTTTT

  • our kids activities (basketball & dance) were really flourishing

Those are all pretty trivial reasons to stay grounded to a certain location, but it was those things that made us LOVE Utah, our neighborhood and community.

Choosing to follow my gut or a prompting from our Heavenly Father to move to Arizona has yet to prove the 'why' to answer. We simply knew that we needed to be here, but had no clue why. And we're still figuring it out.

Most days are frustrating, hard and discouraging as we're trying to navigate what living here will look like for our family.

  • mandated homeschool

  • gyms closed for my business to flourish

  • only 1 family and her family close by

  • it's still HOOTTTTTT

  • kids activities have all be cancelled until further notice

BUT....and this is a big BUT, the days that are like today are rewarding enough to keep us going. Knowing that we have created new friendships here that have felt like they have existed for decades, lovely neighbors we call friends, beautiful sunshine everyday, healthy family, kids doing well with school, cool house and good food to eat and the Gospel of Jesus Christ absolutely helps to erase, even for a moment, all the negative.

I do believe that "our happiness has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and more the focus of our lives". REMEMBERING is the key.

When seeking answers, being willing to #HearHim is important to receiving the promptings needed for my life. Sometimes they're easy to follow, other times they aren't and the 'why' takes a little while to figure out. But I know it's out there.

Past promptings that have worked out really well include:

  1. friendships- making new friends with certain people and letting others fall out of my life.

  2. business opportunites- being bold enough to get outside of my comfort zone and 'sell' my skills

  3. the value of no-accepting 'no' when I wanted to serve a mission and my husband came along instead :)

  4. toughing it out-taking deep breaths EVERYDAY to have sanity attempting to raise 4 children

Why in the midst of a lack of understanding do we feel that it will be any different. When I follow the Lord, I can't be wrong, but sometimes the timing doesn't work out well enough for my patience abilities. Learning to be honest about my feelings and what I need to do to increase my happiness by focusing on what I REMEMBER to be true.

I'm NEVER alone, and neither are YOU!

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