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Centered Life vs. Balanced Life

Do you spend most of your efforts attempting to live a balanced life, driving yourself into seemingly deep holes of self imposed failures, productivity flaws and unachieved goals? For me, I have found that when I'm trying to "multitask" which isn't a thing, it's called switch tasking, I get wrapped up with trying to be the best in ALL areas of my life at the SAME time!

Crazy right?!? But I'm willing to bet that you do it too! We all do! We have been taught through words and deeds that we should try and be the best mom/dad, coworker, neighbor, friend, employee, spouse, sibling, etc that we get too distracted by what our true purpose is.

We must live centered lives that are based around our values and ethics. We CAN'T do everything at the same time; we're not expected to. You are at the CENTER of all that you choose to do or that has been chosen for you. YOU are in command of being centered.

My challenge to you is to give yourself a mental break and do well what you are currently doing. Stop trying to do a million things at one time and expect perfection. Set boundaries to accomplish taking care of these four areas: physical, mental, emotional and spirititual.

Boundaries are essential for achieving a centered life.

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