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Anecdote for mental fatigue= gut laughing

Music has always been a form of stress relief for me. I use music to help

motivate me to clean my house when I would rather do something else fun. I use music to calm down after a rough day; instrumental music without words specifically. I use music to pump me up for a race; gotta have me some high energy songs. I use music to help me feel peace and closer to God. Music can be used in a variety of ways to promote desired attitude adjustments or mood congruence.

BUT I have never thought of using music for laughter until now! Singing karaoke in the car watching my husband and kids stare at me in amazement of how well I sing (jk, they’re wondering how I know all the head banging angry songs). Using music to dance to embarrass my children is a great form of laughter for others too.

When I was at the movies today, I promise I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! The first time I saw this video I was CRYING it was so funny to me. I was more prepared today, but you can catch my lack of composure in the audio caption.

My sis in law said she doesn’t like this song until I sent her this video and she couldn’t stop text laughing 😂🤪.

Truly I love that music is a form of expression. When I was younger I loved listening to the beat more than the words. As I’ve gotten older and needed to filter for my children, I’ve learned to appreciate the good messages that are throughout a lot of songs that I frequent. Unfortunately I’ve had to cut out some for the opposite reasons being less inspring/degrading words. There are so many talented artists that are willing to push into/against the norm of music to create for US to use for such purposes. I’m truly grateful for their bravery.

My desire for this share today is to inspire you to adopt music into your life that promotes feelings of laughter, happiness, peace and hope. Enjoy my share of laughter!

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