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The Beating of the Drums

This is a popular saying of marathon runners and world-class athletes heading into the final stretch.

It's about having the sound of support of the hometown crowd behind you, cheering you on to the finish line, rewarding you for all those heavy steps and that hard-won progress.

Yes, those drums beating behind you.

I love that phrase.

There's something so magical knowing you've got support, that there is momentum now, breakthroughs and rewards just yards ahead.

Some thoughts to keep your year finishing as strong as you started:

No One Wins at Life Alone

When we admire world-class athletes, we often forget they not only have those banging drums supporting them, but they also have higher levels of motivation, discipline, practice, and coaching.

They certainly don't strive alone.

Neither should you.

6 Reasons People Succeed

What types of people keep at it, keep growing, and live truly happy lives? Here's some additional thoughts.

1. More motivation/desire/hunger/will. Some people simply want success more than others. It's real to them. Succeeding isn't a preference; it's necessary. High performers remind themselves of this every single day. They put their why and their goals in front of them, they think about them, they dream of them. They visualize a better life and their dreams coming true and expanding. They have the guts to think bigger, believe, and demand much of themselves. Striving is part of their identity. The will to show up in life, and they get at it - yeah, baby, that!

2. Momentum from Constancy of Practice. High performers practice their art, skills, routines, ideal ways of thinking and behaving more than average people do. There's just no way around it -- they do the work, more consistently, so they're learning the edge, the leverage points, the distinctions, the minute areas that one-plus the entire game. Yes, they rest, yes, they recover, but believe me they are ALWAYS in motion getting better, paying attention, measuring progress. They're not the kind of people who set New Years goals, work at it for a week, and quit. All year long, it's vision, goals, focus, practice, work at it, practice, test, get better, practice, improve.... always in the personal development game. Always.

3. Better Strategy & Action Through Expert Guidance and Coaching. Can't be overstated -- successful people get coaches. They invest in that, because they are HUMBLE enough to acknowledge they can't figure out next level success on their own (otherwise, they'd already be at that level). High performers invest in coaches because they want the edge, they want confidence knowing they're striving intelligently, they want to cut their learning curve, they want to know they're not making dumb mistakes, they want perspective so they can anticipate what's ahead and not be surprised, and they want accountability and smarter ways of living. They get a coach.

4. Social Support. Successful people surround themselves with successful people. Period. They seek out people who are positive, happy, well adjusted, doing good things, leading their community, making the magic happen. They don't sit alone in their basement hoping they hit success then luckily *find* a better peer group. They get out there in the community. They work for good companies with amazing teams (or, if they own their business, they hire people smarter or more skilled). They volunteer to meet givers. They network and ask who they should meet who's awesome. They connect daily with positive people who want to talk about what's right with this world, what's possible, what's exciting. The people around them fire them up.

5. Role Models. What's the last great biography you read of someone who inspired you? Who do you follow that fires you up? What strategies are you deploying that you learned from someone ahead of you? How do your role models think? What do they value, insist upon, practice, espouse, work hard for every day? No role models means your ego has gone out of check -- you think you're alone, or superior, or different, so you don't look out there for those already crushing it, giving it all, making a bigger impact. When someone says, "I don't have role models," I say, "It's a shame you're not looking outside of yourself." Role models are everywhere. In your community. Or documentaries. Or online, or social media. Or generations before you in those things called *books*. Get role models. Make it a mission. Find them. Learn. Model. Grow. And don't forget to be a role model yourself.

6. Urgency (aka Death). High performers put urgency upon themselves because they know that life is BEAUTIFUL, RARE, SPECIAL... an NOT ensured. Ever notice how someone suddenly decides to eat better and workout when they have a health scare? Yeah. When you realize life is short, you get your act together. You deeply appreciate your days, and when you deeply appreciate your days it shows up in your priorities and time management. Show me someone so comfortable they no long prioritize personal development, excellence and giving, and I'll show you someone taking life for granted. I don't say it to judge, I say it because I've faced my own death enough, and I've been with people at their end. You want to win at life? Then realize you are blessed to have one. So live it, love it, make it matter.

By default, we are all average or ordinary.

By design, we can choose to become extraordinary.


The entirety of this post was adapted from Brendon Burchard, Author of High Performance Habits and Motivation Manifesto and the world's leading High Performance Coach. Find him on podcasts, facebook and instagram. Truly an inspiration the world needs more coaching from.

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