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Strawberry Days & Answered Prayers

I just learned that TODAY is National Strawberry Day. I mean how the heck did I not know about this wonderful day?!??!! I'm pretty sure I was created just to enjoy strawberries.

I love:

-plain strawberries

-strawberries with a little sugar

-strawberries with lots of chocolate

-strawberries in a salad

-strawberries next to the salad

-strawberries in a smoothie

-strawberries in a cake

-the list could go on and on and on......

Okay, my blog today isn't really about strawberries but I had to show attention to this national day or what kind of person would I truly be.

My post today is about friendship and answered prayers.

A very close friend of mine, someone that I hold very dear to me, even though she probably doesn't know it has had a great influence in my life the past couple of months. We have spent time together, cried together, laughed together and shared some things that neither of us have shared with other people, and we LITERALLY just started getting closer the past few months.

Her influence has allowed me to spread my wings, be who I'm meant to be, encourage me and share in my joys. She has allowed me to vent my parenting struggles, vent my business struggles, vent my loneliness struggles all while smiling and sharing her experiences that lift me to higher ground. This friend is one who encourages me to not judge others, see the best in all people, talk about my beliefs and standards whenever I want, which is all the time!, not feel like I'm being judged and loved for who I am. I am beyond grateful for this friend!

So what does this have to do with strawberries??!!!! She gave me some strawberries today and it was an answer to my prayers. Weird, I don't pray to have strawberries given to me by any means but I have been praying that God would let me know He's there and listening to all I put before him. (not long ago this friend told me of a prompting/reveleation that was received for her family. What she didn't know until today that it was an answer to my prayers for her to receive an answer to hers. I know it sounds weird, but it works for me!)

Strawberries are my FAVORITE! This person may or may not have known that but I admire the life that she lives that it's so close to the opportunity to receive promptings to lift another that she answered the call and lifted my spirits today.

My purpose in sharing this as a personal post today is to encourage you to look all around at the many blessings that you've been given. Allow others to be the answers to your prayers by getting to know them. Ask for help! Our first source of comfort can come from the Savior Jesus Christ as we lay our sins, struggles, anguishes, heartaches, loneliness, etc before him. Next to Him lies the ability to help others reach out to us.

In my times of confusion and frustration, I often miss the mark. Today, the strawberries fed my soul!

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