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Lessons Learned Last Quarter of the Year

Starting back up writing my thoughts was harder than I thought. I have had plenty since I last posted, but haven't managed to carve out the time to do so.

One of my signature phrases I repeat to all of my clients the end of the year is "If you don't do it when it's hard, then you won't do it when it's easy".

This is in reference to taking care of your body. The end of the year brings many celebrations that surround ourselves with traditional foods, parties, lazy mornings or late nights forgetting to put our self care at the top of the to-do list.

I get it....I really do. Sometimes the awareness is what we're all lacking. And once you become aware of the problem, the easier it is to fix it, right?!

I'm not saying that we should skip out on all the fun that the end of the year has to offer, which clearly I didn't because I didn't make time to post ANYTHING the last quarter of the year! What I'm saying is that we need to fine tune and focus on those priorities. If you have been doing a good/great job at self care the entire year, don't waste it binging and lying around at the end. It's important that we start off as strong as we started.

Now let's not forget to address the HUGE ELEPHANT in the room, or on the internet rather. COVID. Ugh, just typing it is annoying, simply acknowledging that everything we do somehow revolves around that modern swear word.

Most of us start off the year with well set intentions to eat healthier, exercise more often, sleep better, get our finances in order, take that trip, etc. By mid march (insert COVID 2020 pandemic) we fall off the rails and think the rest of the year is lost and resolute that we'll start again next year and hope to make it longer. I have been thoroughly impressed with my clients in Arizona who allowed the derail to happen, like it did for most of us in March, but got right back on and finished the year strong.

Unfortunately, set backs are just that. They often leave us the same or worse than when we started, so it's often a challenge to fully push through and get back on. Our total goal might not be met, but progress is happening, therefore it's working!

In all my babbling, which is a few weeks too late, don't let this be the year that you let (insert any excuse, pandemic, etc) stop you from finishing what you started. Whether it's at the pace of a tortoise or hare, finish the race that you started. Don't allow yourself to get derailed, but guess what, if you do, you can still back on! Racers NEVER settle for making it to the finish line; there only satisfied when they pass it!

2020 is over, you made it another year. What are you going to do to see that you're sprinting across 2021? (better relationships, financial stability, better health, etc.)

This post is a shoutout to all my clients, you know who are you, for not letting anything stop you from finishing strong 2020. If you can do it when it's hard, then you got this!!!!!

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