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Stop Expecting Perfection

Alright, this one is going to get personal for me, but I’ve got to let it out and move on. I hope you will find some truths to apply to your preconceived thoughts of perfection in yourself.

As I’ve pushed myself to study my personal trainer certification material in half the time that’s recommended because I’m so dang excited to get out and serve the community, I have struggled hard with retaining the terminology. The muscles are in a different language I’m sure because they consist of every letter in the alphabet! In my younger years, I did really well with school, so I've been eating a lot of humble pie lately (which isn’t as good as chocolate pie!)

I’ve also set out on this crazy ambition to sell custom designed t-shirts. I employed a friend to create them for me after spending very little time myself realizing I’m not as creative as I wish I was. Definitely the right choice for me, but then I realized that I had to recreate them in adobe illustrator to get the files sent to the company to print them for me. And I’m just as good at illustrator as I am at keeping my mouth shut when I have a strong opinion about something. Sheesh.

Oh oh and not to forget that I ordered materials with my company name and advertising my future personal training skills and spelled training wrong! Rookie mistake for someone so excited to get started. If I waited to get my voice out until everything was perfect, it might take a while!

Then here comes the “mommy guilt”. “Will you take me on a date, like right now?” Then came the decision to send my homeschool child back to school which took a lot of willpower and pushing aside my pride to know that’s what was best for him right now. Oh and we can’t ever forget the “this is the worst day of my life” comments that make you feel like you‘re smaller than a cell.

I’ve spent my days racking my brain with the idea of multitasking, which I’ve recently learned isn’t a thing. It’s called switch tasking because you can’t be 100% focused on more than one thing.

Trying to juggle raising my babies, having a relationship that consists of weekly dates with my sweetheart, entertaining houseguests, serving in my church callings, studying, starting a business and finding time to hang with friends while we run has definitely been short of perfection.

But I keep doing it every day because it’s what brings me joy!

The moments or days that I spend wallowing in how things aren’t going perfectly in my mind are a waste of valuable time that I could be doing my best and still making a large impact in the lives of others.

That’s my point! The more time we spend whining about our lack of perfection, which by the way won’t come on your own deeds, the less time we are serving those around us with what we do have to offer. We were sent to this Earth to learn and grow, not be perfect!

Like my least favorite movie quote from my favorite character “do or do not, there is no try”. We must ”do” our best every day and be grateful for those efforts. Stop searching for perfection, instead focus on progress!

This is definitely not my best look, so I decided to share that vulnerability with you. Would you buy a workout video from me if I was the teacher looking like this?! 😂

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