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Opinions of Others Part 2

We are constantly bombarded with comparison, opinions of others and degrading social posts and comments, yet we place such a value on them to control our thoughts and actions. A favorite motivational speaker of mine says “Someone else‘s opinion of you is none of your business”. -Rachel Hollis. Simply stated, it doesn’t matter.

Do you feel immune to the opinions of others? Or do you, like most of us, including myself, sometimes get wrapped up in others opinions? I'm here to provide some guidance on how to effectively take or leave certain opinions.

Step 1: Identify the source of the opinion. Is it someone you admire, look up to and see as an example in the opinion that's offered? Is it someone you know well and that knows you? If they love and care about you, simply as a human being trying their best, then their opinion will help you grow. If you can't answer yes to the above questions, then it's worth leaving that opinion behind. (eg. mothering tips from a ever-trying mom vs. mothering tips from a single woman who is angry that she's not married or have children yet)

Step 2: What is the opinion about? Is it a valuable opinion related to something you are working on, becoming, participating in or talking about? Or is it simply time filler opinions about everything? People that have an opinion about everything can't be a trusted source. (eg. "It's better to get together and husband bash instead of talking with my husband")

Step 3: Do they have experience?You have to have done some sort of research or have an experience to have a valid opinion about that "thing". Like my personal growth mentor Rachel Hollis states, "don't let someone in the cheap seats tell you your view from the front row isn't amazing". (eg. "becoming a coach is so overrated, they don't really help anyways" "I've never had one though")

Step 4: Is it really about you? Oftentimes we take offense "thinking" that someone is referring to them when it has nothing to do with them. STOP THINKING IT'S ABOUT YOU! Even if it is about you, people filled with judgement without knowledge are simply wasting their time, and you're the beneficiary of that wasted opinion. (eg. "I was talking with this girl at the park the other day and I couldn't believe she said......")


Don't give someone else the power to judge or give opinion that doesn't serve you and your purpose of trying to become better.


STOP letting the enticings of the world, neighbors, family and even friends sway you away from the truth that you are a precious child worth becoming better. You were sent here for a purpose and that doesn't involve comparing, contrasting, degrading, accepting harsh criticism or belittling from ANYONE in those efforts.

Also choose to be the change that doesn't extend opinions that have no evidence or experience or that will not promote positive change in someone else.


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