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Loneliness Matters

"Loneliness is associated with a 26% jump in mortality risk according to Brigham Young University. Loneliness is on par with obesity in terms of its impact on a persons risk of death.

Human beings are made to "live in a herd or family". When deprived of regular contact with companions, people may live in a "constant state of mild stress."

University of Pittsburgh found that people ages 19-32 who spent 2 hours or more a day on social media were TWICE as likely to feel isolated as those who spend less time.

Someone could feel alone or emotionally isolated even when surrounded by friends and loved ones, while another person could feel fulfilled and connected even when living a fairly solitary life.



-Markham Heid

"The Loneliness Epidemic"

Time Magazine

Mental Health: A New Understanding


As I'm doing research and learning more about our marvelous bodies, I came across this magazine in the check out line, something I ALWAYS avert my eyes away from as they are usually filled with lies and filth. This one caught my eye because I knew that there were many ways that I could resonate with the articles. Reading this article brought new light to my understanding and I KNEW I had to share with my loyal readers, friends and family.

I too have often wondered how I could be so content when I'm alone yet so disconnected when I'm surrounded by others. The last quote brought the light! Who do I associate with? Who do I want to associate with vs. who do I feel like I have to associate with? What emotions do I feel when I am with these people? As I've dug deep to determine these relationships and the need for more or less interaction to be congruent with my feelings of loneliness, I've learned that it really is the QUALITY of time spent, not QUANTITY that truly matters.

I know it is HARD work, but it must be done! Evaluate the relationships and people you spend your time with. Decide if who and how long is beneficial and if it serves you. If it doesn't then set healthy boundaries and keep looking for healthier alternatives and/or relationships.


Don't suffer from the pangs of loneliness if there is something you can do about it!


Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, medical professional or even all knowing in this topic. However, I have experienced it myself, have found the help that I need and continue to choose joy everyday, whether I'm alone or surrounded by others. PLEASE, if you are honestly doing ALL you can (and I mean ALL) and it's still not working to combat your loneliness, seek professional help; there could be more to it for you.

Being alone doesn't mean you're lonely.

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