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Feast on the Words of Christ

My favorite thing to do is Eat! I love pretty much any food that doesn’t smell bad and it’s always exciting for me to try something new, even if I have to convince the rest of my family it tastes good.

Similarly, I find the same joy and excitement reading my scriptures and learning more about the Savior. I do tend to skip over the “stinky” parts that don’t make me feel super happy inside, but my point is, it’s important to approach the scriptures in the same way most of us approach food, with true need and fulfillment.

If you’re not actively becoming closer to God, then you are actively moving away from Him. We need all the guidance and strength we can in this journey called life and it’s found in the daily feasting upon the good word of God.

(A yummy cookie made for a birthday gift symbolizing a beloved memory of reading the Book of Mormon. I just chose to take a bite out for effect)

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