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Expectations & Potential

I am one who has high expectations. High expectations for myself and for others, but it doesn't always come across in the best light towards others. Let me explain.....

I know what I am capable of, therefore, I have high expectations to continue to push myself to be better. If something doesn't feel right, I do the research and figure out why and then work on it. Whether that's my physical, mental or spiritual self, I hold high standards to become better. I don't push myself past the potential that I know that I have, because we all know beating ourselves up doesn't do anybody any good, especially ourselves.

Similarly, I have those same expectations for others based off of what I see as their potential, or capability to do so. I don't like to toot my own horn, but here it goes. More often than not, I am right when it comes to pushing others to be better than they thought they could. It's simply having someone in your corner to push you to discover the potential you ALREADY know you have to your best! There are those times that the high expectations I have for others creates barriers in our relationship. Without knowing it, I somehow put myself on a pedestal in their eyes as I seek to help them grow and push. I portray being perfect in the area that I am encouraging their growth and come across as judgmental and harsh.

For those of you that I have affected in this way, I am truly sorry. My intention is to help you realize your potential so that you can be your best, not my best. I'm not trying to compare you to anyone else. I'm not trying to push you past what I see as your ability to do so. I care about you, yes each of you that are my subscribers because I know you well enough that you care about yourself too but just might not know exactly how to reach your potential.

Let me share an example of what I mean. As my knowledge has emerged in regards to our physical capacity to perform certain tasks on a regular basis provided you don't struggle with a disability or incurable disease that would prevent so, I have high expectations for people to listen to the education I have gained. More importantly it's important for you to listen to encouragement that I provide you as I know that any step in a new direction will bring uncertainty, frustration and possible mental fog in that area.

As a coach and trainer and lover of life itself, I aim to help people reach their full potential, but it will come at a cost of higher expectations for yourself. This doesn't allow you the time to get down on yourself, but to build yourself up. We have all been given the ability to improve any attitude we allow to run our days or lives. We must require the best version of ourselves on a daily basis to give back to those who so freely bless our lives. As someone who cares about YOU, I want you to feel the happiness that comes from heightened expectations. The excitement itself will bring results you couldn't have imagined unless you pushed a littler harder.

Now please understand what I mean when I say higher expectations. Maybe an example will help. Suppose you get up every morning to the sound of screaming children and you don't exactly appreciate that wake up call. Could you set an expectation to wake up earlier yourself so that you're ready when they're up? I'm not talking about unpredictable children who wake up whenever or little babies, I'm talking about the predictable wake up times that happen every day at (ex:8am) and you don't want to wake up yourself until (ex:9). We all could change some of our reactions to certain situations if we were more proactive in our expectations to change.

Take an inventory of your life today and determine what you can up your game on. Can you expect yourself to eat better, exercise daily, repeat positive affirmations, sleep 7-8 hours, consume less comparing social media, drinking more water, interacting with people outside of your home, spending time with your loved ones, reading an educational/inspirational book, etc? After you're done that, take note on some things you can expect yourself to improve upon and work on it for at least a week and then keep adding to it.

Next, when others appear to have "too high expectations" for you, try and see where they're coming from. Are they someone who cares about you and knows you well enough that they can see you need to step it up a little? Do they want to help you grow and be a happier, healthier human being? Do they portray what they're expecting of you in themselves?

If we're not progressing every day, then we're digressing. What do you want to be doing?

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