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True Change

What force, influence or example encourages change? There is a great need in our ever changing world to value whatever your higher power source is that encourages and validates our true change. My source is the spirit I choose to carry with me every day. My savior Jesus Christ suffered for my need to change thus allowing me the opportunity to access this spirit everyday that I’m willing to change.

Change is needed every day, for if you’re not growing, you’re falling, never in the same place. Our willingness to be better is what propels the lasting change. Some people are internally motivated and others are externally, but there is a drive in all of us for this need to become better.

As we celebrate this Easter, let us remember the source of all hope, healing, change and betterment. He suffered for our mistakes so that we could ask for His help in changing.

May we remember and always strive to be our best selves.

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