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Spiritual Resistance

As I was vacationing by the poolside with my family last week, my mind was racing about all the metaphors there are in our lives that create an opportunity for us to grow a stronger spirit.

Specifically one day I was on the lazy river while my kids were on another tube trying to go faster than me. For the first time EVER, I was relaxed in the pool not worrying about my kids. (I’m not super confident with water and swimming so I might worry a little more than necessary, but not this time!)

For the most part it was quite relaxing as the soft current swiftly moved me around. Yet, there were two spots I wanted to avoid, waterfalls and sprayer thingys. I had to use my hands to paddle me away from them.

Then there was a time that I abandoned my tube to walk towards my kids in the opposite direction. This is when the metaphor truly sunk in.

I had to fight the current to get to my desired location of reaching my kids. Although it was ever so slight, it did create work for me to push through. I felt like our lives are EXACTLY like this.


We are constantly fighting the worlds influence to be spiritually safe. If we just “ride the current” of the world, we could get trapped by waterfalls and sprayer thingys that leave us soaked and defeated. Our desired destination will be long gone and we might have to abandon our tube and walk hard against the current.


Although it might feel nice occasionally to sit back and relax and let the current take us away, it can’t and shouldn’t be something we let ourselves remain comfortable with. Anything worth having, spiritual strength specifically, is worth fighting for. We are going to have to fight harder and harder as the world adopts more acceptance of theories, attitudes, actions and complete mockeries of Gods laws.

We must fight the good fight, which might mean fighting the comfort of the “relaxed” life. Stand strong and don’t allow the world to create spiritual resistance in your life. Create the spiritual strength necessary to carry you and your family to safety.

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