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Perspective Matters

Every Father's Day weekend we go camping as a way to celebrate fatherhood. The past few years we have been fortunate enough to acquire an off-road vehicle that allows for some pretty fun adventures. This year, we decided to combine the camping trip and off road adventure and explore the recently opened American Fork Canyon in hopes of making it to Forrest Lake.


A LOT of people had the SAME idea, therefore it made some of the narrow trails tricky to navigate.


There was a particular time that we had to squeeze by a very narrow section with another car coming the other way. We were on the drop off side and me and the kids were TERRIFIED! There was no turning back because there were 6 trucks behind us and no where to turn around, we had to go through!

A man from the opposing vehicle got out to spot us to insure that we were on the inside of the cliff drop-off. We had to put complete trust in this stranger to help us get around safely, all while looking out for the safety of his own vehicle. Spoiler alert....we made it for me to tell you all about it! But it was scary!!!!

We had another opportunity to explore a washed out trail from snow runoff and it started off fun. Then it got scary. No cliffs to dodge, but let's just say that reaching out your car that has been lifted and touching the ground with your hand is a little, no A LOT, CRAZY!

I had to get out and spot my husband to make sure he would get through it safely by turning his wheels the right direction to clear it. While I was in the car, I was scared, but watching him do it, I became excited to see him succeed. Turns out, we were the second people to make it past that section amongst many failed attempts.


My reason in sharing all of our adventures this week is to explain how our perspective really does make all the difference. Oftentimes when we are in the middle of physical pain from trying a new workout, mental pain from repeated letdowns or spiritual pain from not understanding our divine potential, we don't have the perspective that it will all be for our good.

Physically climbing a mountain is hard work on your lungs and your legs, but the view from the top is amazing! You wouldn't want to trade that for the pain you had to go through to get there. Despite what our natural body wants to do, stay at rest and not push, we have to get outside of our comfort zone and find a different perspective to reach the desired journey, that of being physically, mentally and spiritually strong. We must push past our comfort zones and allow others to "spot" for us when they can see the clearer picture of the outcome.

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