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Need for Prayer

How many times have you been in a texting conversation with someone and you were the last one to ask a question and it went hours or days before they responded, and you were JUST going back and forth???!!! Isn't that so frustrating? There are usually 2 reasons why this happens, they didn't see it because they were doing something else and lost interest in your conversation, or they didn't see it because you never sent it!

I find myself often in the last category. I'm the one who's distracted and think I send something and then never push the send button. This is true with prayer too!

How many times do we have a conversation with our Heavenly Father in our thoughts and forget to push the send button? Figuratively speaking, we forget to ask Him that question or tell Him what's on our minds.

For some reason, I have struggled with prayer since I was a teenager. I have ALWAYS had a prayer in my heart or thoughts, but I don't always take the time to sit quietly and have a conversation with Him. I figuratively send Him a message and then walk away from the conversation allowing the distraction of the world and my own lack of desire to sit still to hinder our communication. I can only imagine the frustration that He must feel when all He wants to do is listen, love and care for us in ALL things!

I naively used to think that He was there to listen to me when I had problems over things that I couldn't handle myself. Pride of doing everything on my own was/is something I had/have allowed to hinder my communication with Him. I thought if I could handle it on my own, then why would He want to hear from me telling Him my plans to do the thing. So in the moments when I couldn't figure it out or do it myself, I have begged for His help. And despite my lack of consistency, He has always been there for me!

Just as much as I don't want to carry on a conversation with someone who I don't feel like is actively listening to me, our Heavenly Father will do that for us, although we are the ones that suffer the most from the connectedness of a true give and take conversation. He will never show lack of interest, interrupt, or ignore anything we want to talk about. He cares about EVERY little detail of our lives, from the ups, downs, joys, pains, sicknesses, stress, anxiety, fear, happiness, loneliness, confusion, accomplishments, failures, and so on.

There are "certain" friends/family that I can share "certain" things with because of the sensitivity of the subject or interest of the receiver, but I know I can share everything my Heavenly Father. Just as I seek counsel from my "runner friends" on how to become a better runner, I can seek even more qualified counsel from my Heavenly Father on everything in this life.

If we want to know what God has in store for our lives, ask Him in prayer. And may I ask you to stand with me in becoming better at this. Prayer is the key to all comfort, love and connection with our Heavenly Father, why would we deny this precious gift?

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