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The Necessity of Light

Light: 1. The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. 2. an expression in someone's eyes indicating a particular emotion or mood. (

The first thing I do in the morning, at least the mornings that the light is awake before I am, is open the blinds. There's a sense of calm and peace as I allow the natural light to awaken the darkness that existed throughout my home in the night. Light brings so much awareness and tranquility of a new perspective.

In fact, I absolutely DESPISE the darkness. Growing up, I was always afraid of the dark. I never had any experiences that warranted such "fear" but I knew how I felt when I was in the dark, and I didn't like it. I slept with night lights and made sure there was always a dim light of sorts even during movie watching. Even as an adult now where the "fear of darkness" really doesn't exist as much anymore, I still don't like it.

I still sleep with night lights positioned strategically throughout my home. Comes in handy when you find yourself roaming throughout the house in the middle of the night with children. (Disclaimer: not very often because my husband is the rockstar night time parent)

This brings me to the necessity of light in our lives, on a much grander scale. Knowing what it feels like to be in the presence of light and dark reminds me what it feels like to know who I am vs. struggle with my purpose. Knowing who I am reminds me of the light that I was given when I came to Earth. Struggling to remember my purpose puts me in a place of darkness, something I still despise.

So what to do about the darkness??!!??? Figuratively opening the blinds or turning on the lights in my life brings this light. Those are continued efforts to be grateful and to serve. When I do these things, it brings an immense amount of light into my life. When I continue to think about myself, find something wrong with everything or keep looking beyond the mark of what gifts I have and the blessings I enjoy, darkness creeps back in.


Opening the windows and turning on the lights is an EVERYDAY need!


I literally feel claustrophobic when it's light outside and my blinds are closed. It's the same way I feel when I know there are blessings that I'm just not seeing or being grateful for/in. I feel like someone is holding down the light switch and I can't turn it on, but I desperately want to!

We encounter people that we can serve, even if we are confined to our homes caring for our children, or confined to a desk working endlessly to provide for our families. We have the light in our lives and we must help others turn theirs on when it gets dim. Be the light to carry others through their darkness, for it will be returned to you through someone else's kindness when you need it.

ALL of our light gets dim every now and then. It's OKAY. Recognize it and find the source to turn it back on. Don't wait for tomorrow or an event to turn it on. Don't wait until it's pitch black to go looking for the light. It's much harder to find when you can't even see the hand in front of your face.

Our Savior Jesus Christ provides us with this light each and every day. He provides us with resources to tap in to helping us to ignite the light within. He provides the guidance to keep looking for the light if we can't seem to find our way. He gives us the examples of others to lift and strengthen us and lead us to the light when we have lost our way.


Be the light for others, for one day you will need it in return.


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