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I've got a VIRUS and I'm spreading it! Gratitude

I have been amazed at the kindness that I have seen. I have been more amazed at the human indecency, rudeness and and downright selfishness.

I am fortunate to still have opprounties to interact with others through my training. I have the privilege of working with some amazing women who are focused on feeling their best, not worrying so much about what they look like; thus making them my people! Regardless, I have been thoroughly impressed with their desires to share with me how good they feel right now despite the worldwide pandemic of sickness that is threatening to encroach our health. Naturally as a health and food influencer and personal trainer, I have seen the direct results of health in my own life as I have practiced these beliefs, and now I get to see more fruits of my labor.

Yada yada yada, I have encountered the most kind people that walk into the doors of the studio I train at. They are grateful that we are still open, taking precautions to stagger sessions to not put them in danger of aborting 'social distancing' recommendations, taking care of them to help them take care of themselves through our exercise knowledge.

With being able to be out everyday training, I have taken the opportunity to run by the store or gas station to fill up on our needs. I have been amazed to see how many employees have their heads down in sadness or looking forward with an angry look on their faces. My attempts to brighten their day and show appreciation for their working so I can benefit from what they have to offer has immediately changed their countenance and gaze. Honestly I'm thinking, 'they don't hear it enough!'

This struck me the other day as I was behind an angry customer in Costco. She was rude to the employee because he wasn't putting stuff in her cart the way she wanted it. She yelled at him and asked 'can't you hear me'. I was SHOCKED! I mean seriously, who talks to people like that who aren't your kids?!

When it was my turn to check out, I immediately shared my gratitude for him being there so that I could shop. He smiled and said, 'wish I heard that more often'.

What have we allowed ourselves to become? Are we entitled customers that treat people rude or expect all of the items we're looking for to be in stock, when clearly there are SO many people who are looking for the same items? Is it worth your integrity to allow the stresses of the world to change who you are and how you treat people?

For me it has been a time of great reflection to share my gratitude more vocally. I feel it in my heart most of the time, but I don't say it near enough.

New New Year's resolution, SHOW MORE GRATITUDE! IT really is contagious and that deserves to be more viral than COVID-19!

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