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I matter, YOU Matter

“Do you really believe you are precious to God? Do you know He knows you? How do you know? What does it look like for YOU to know?

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending Stake Women’s Conference. This consists of a couple of hours of instruction and connection amongst fellow Latter-Day saint Women involving those in my surrounding around, a stake. We were grateful to have Jodi Robinson be our guest speaker. She spoke directly to my heart and I hope to share those thoughts in an effort to speak to yours.

While many of us only see the put-together versions of each other, unless you have ‘those’ friends who air out their dirty laundry and whine about every little thing, truly getting to know someone helps you ‘see’ all of them.

I’ve been struggling with my purpose as a health influencer, personal trainer, mom, wife, friend, cubscout committee member, neighbor, you name it.

While trying to make good of oneself, often there are opposing forces that seek to pull you down and it’s hard.

It’s hard to keep getting back up when you feel beaten, but I was born a fighter, so I don’t give up! I raised myself believing that ‘having a towel to through in’ isn’t an option, which you can imagine frustrates me even more when I can’t figure out what’s up. In an effort to feel useful and possessing a purpose that was meaningful for others and that God wanted me to pursue, I came to this conference with questions.

While I do possess a lot of confidence, there are times that I need the reminder that I do matter. I matter to Him, my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. YOU matter to Him, Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jodi spoke of how well God truly does know each and every one of us and on a very personal level. Obviously, I hadn’t talked to her beforehand and asked her to speak on this topic, yet speaking about this very doctrine, or eternal truth, let me know the EXACTNESS behind her message.

D&C 18:10 “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God”.

‘Remembering’ is where I struggle. I have been taught from a young age how important I am to God, how important I am to His purpose in raising my children, being a companion to my spouse and befriending my neighbors and community. Jodi helped us understand that’s where most of us fall short; it’s in the remembering. We have to tap into our brains a little more in depth to find that truth at times, and that’s okay.

The truth is, ‘we were destined to become queens’.

While I laughed alongside other women who didn’t felt like this rang true to them, as well as Jodi herself, I felt like further engaging in her message to see where she was going with it. I was deeply curious the studying she had done to prepare a message so bold as ‘destined to become queens.’

Diamonds have long been considered a ‘girl’s best friend’. Despite the fact that I could care less about the size, shape, clarity and whatever else defines the beauty of a diamond wedding ring, I did admire the different style and shine as we were looking before our engagement. I’ve never been a girl who loves jewelry, I mean I tried, and tried, but it’s just not me. That was fortunate for Jeremy because we were BROKE when we first got married, so financing a ring wasn’t part of our financial plans entering marriage.

Anyways….Jodi talked about Rubies being far more precious than diamonds. Her father was a Jewelry salesman and she knew all about every kind of stone, yet she was curious as to why the Ruby was so special and why in scripture, women are referred to as ‘far more precious than rubies.’

Rubies are rare in nature because of the minerals that are combined to create it, namely Corundum & Chromium. There is a lot of pressure that is present to create the shape, clarity and size that we see in the stores. Just as rubies are rare, we all are unique and rare. No one person on this Earth is exactly like us. We might have some of the same personalities, physical features and mannerisms, however, NO ONE IS EXACTLY LIKE US. That makes the truth that God knows each and every one of us so amazing!

There are so many people on this Earth, before and after our time, that He would still be able to call out our name in a crowd of millions and expect to see our faces. What a magnificent feeling to know that you matter that much! YOU do matter that much!

Understanding and remembering that I DO matter when I struggle when feeling like I don’t, brings me faith, patience and confidence to keep pressing forward.

You Matter to Him

Life is HARD! People that come in and out of your life sometimes don’t validate how much you matter. Sometimes others don’t encourage you, lift you, strengthen you to realize this truth, but it’s still truth! Question God if you matter, use ‘God’s Search Engine’ to find this truth.

“Stop questioning purpose because you lack progress.”

-Anthony Trucks, Influencers Conference San Diego 2019

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