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Happiest Place on Earth

Disney goers have it all wrong, it’s not the happiest place on Earth, the temple of our God is!

My husband and I shared our 13th anniversary by serving in the temple sealing families for time and all eternity. It’s a tradition that we haven’t missed all 13 years of marriage. It’s a gift that we get to share with others who didn’t have the opportunity while living on this Earth.

Marrying my sweetheart in the Salt Lake Temple was the best choice I have made for my life. There have been many highs in My life but nothing compares to the happiness that comes from knowing that I get to be with him and our children forever.

Being married and sealed in the temple hasn’t brought a struggle free life. We have worked through surgeries, babies, illness, children, financial hardships, addiction and the occasional disagreements. Yet, we have always come back to where we started for strength.


Returning to the temple often has afforded our relationship the opportunity to grow closer to each other and closer to our Heavenly Father.


Without the strength that comes from serving others and turning to God, our relationship would be at risk. Yet it never has! We have grounded our beliefs in our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ and the hope and healing that comes from merely stepping on temple grounds.

A few few years ago I was knocked off my feet learning of my husbands pornography addiction. I needed reassurance that I wasn’t alone and loved by my Heavenly Father in this very difficult emotional roller coaster. That was the time that I was able to serve in the temple as a cafeteria worker. Being within the walls of the temple brought peace, safety and hope during our path of recovery.

The temple truly is the happiest place on Earth.

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