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Grass isn't Greener...we have rocks

The common phrase "grass isn't greener on the other side, especially if you don't take time to water it" is quite true, especially if you have rocks!

This is the third house that Jeremy and I have owned, well paid for in hopes to own one day. Our first home boasted a large back and side yard. We planted a small garden and installed a vinyl fence. Our troubles came from trees that had little shoots that would sprout throughout the yard and lack of aeration, which made the yard bumpy letting us feel each one as we mowed the lawn. We struggled and fought to keep it looking and feeling good.

When we moved to our second home, we had the same size lot as the previous home, but it was laid out much differently. We had a good sized front yard with beautiful landscaping and curb appeal. We later aded a small garden. Our struggles came from continued sprinkler repairs, ripping up old vegetation, plugging a pond, adding sod and plugging holes. Having a large dog digging holes when the trampoline snow would melt underneath made our backyard less desirable. We struggled and fought to keep it looking and feeling good.

This home, now in a different state boasts BEAUTIFUL vegetation and a pool! Lime trees, palm trees, flowering plants and decorative curbing initially set the stage for little yard work on our part. To our dismay after living her for a week, we noticed our beautiful trees weren't looking so good. Our pool was looking a little green. Trimming was necessary, pruning was needed and watering was most crucial. We had to replace valves and sprinkler piping. We were in the pool store every other day testing for safety and clarity. We're struggling to keep it looking/feeling good.

Why does any of this matter?

Because it does.......

Work it part of this life. There is no job, no house, no relationship, no physical body that doesn't require work. The grass, or rocks, can be greener on the other side if you WORK at it. You can expect to show up at the job, house, relationship or mirror every day and expect it to happen to you the way you want it. YOU have to make it happen!

Some days I just want to sit around and wait for life to happen well to me. Other days I enjoy the hard work and effort that goes into accomplishing something hard and seeing the progress.

Grass can be greener, but you've got to work for it and it's going to be hard!

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