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Faith WILL get you through

Watching Netflix is how our family stays in and entertain ourselves. There are so many shows to choose from and it can often be a source of contention to find one that we all agree on. We also have a range of understanding and enjoyment that picking one also poses a challenge (keeping the adults engaged but not way over the head of our 5 year old). Oftentimes, our sources come from Disney movies, documentaries or true stories. We came across one the other night that kept the attention of my boys like no other.




It's about a teenager who plays on the high school basketball team and suddenly experiences symptoms that are later diagnosed as a large brain tumor. Without the spoiler alert syndrome, I won't tell you how it ended but the story was told from the mother's point of view. It's evident that the family is Christian as they offer prayer and refer to faith throughout the whole experience.

It got me thinking a lot!

Faith isn't the hope that things will work out the way that WE want them to, it's the hope that they will work out the way GOD has intended for them to.

This is such a "hard pill to swallow" especially amidst some of the hardest trials, setbacks, weaknesses and uncertainty. And NONE of us are promised that it will be easy, only worth it. However, for me, it's the joy that it will work out exactly the way it's supposed to, whether I fight against it or not, and I'm better off seeking to learn what I can do to endure it well.

God has given us multiple resources to tap into when we don't understand how to learn from our struggles. Neighbors, friends, family and even strangers along our path are valuable tools in seeking knowledge. If those sources don't prove profitable, our Father in Heaven is the best source of all as He sees the beginning from the end. (I'm not saying to pray as a last resort by any means. We should pray first, utilize those around us and then pray again for understanding and knowledge of truth). Once we have obtained the knowledge, we get to practice our faith in another area of our life. God will always provide another source of learning for us and it's a privilege we shouldn't overlook.

Faith WILL get your through those times. It has done if for me more times than I can remember and I'm positive I will need it in the future. Without Faith, we expect to figure EVERYTHING out on our own, and guess what, YOU CAN"T! You weren't meant to!

Life is hard and I don't expect it to get any easier for any of us. With Faith, we can conquer our fears, inadequacies, loneliness, trials, struggles, uncertainties and inabilities we are destined to face. He will sustain our efforts and give us strength alone the path towards knowledge. He will not leave you comfortless.

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