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Factory Reset. How being sick is a physical reset.

Many of us with smart phones know that a 'factory reset' or 'power off' or system update is necessary to perform at optimal functioning. While this drives me crazy most of the time to be left in the situation where I need to do this, because it's likely that it's during the most inconvenient time, it always performs better when I do it.

Our bodies are exactly the same! There are many different forms of reset with the body such as cleansing, fasting or even surgeries. I want to talk about sickness.


I hope that you'll stick around for my positive outlook on how sickness is a necessary reset.


No one likes to be sick. Just like reseting our phones, it's ALWAYS inconvenient! Yet what if we looked at it in a different light?

A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with some very heavy illnesses that challenged our faith and hope in his body ever healing itself. (Side note, I grew up believing that going to the doctor for every ache and pain was the only way to get better, or taking pain relievers until it went away. Jeremy grew up believing that natural healing was the only way to get better. Since being married, we have combined those beliefs into what we believe is right for us and our family.). Studying the body and how it works has always fascinated me so this was no different. I researched for hours, days, weeks and months to determine how we were going to 'beat this' illness. I spent a lot of time being scared of germs as we were told that his immune system was weakened because of his illness. People didn't understand so I pulled away even more. He was told to wear a mask for his safety, and this was pre-Covid. He was told to stay away from our kids when they got sick. He was told to pretty much stay in a bubble with his own germs at that's it. While we appreciated the recommendations, we didn't feel like it was right for us. It was a very challenging time for us, yet we chose to persevere and learn all that we could about the body.

We learned of things that would be beneficial for him to stop eating as well as things that he should be eating more of. (Side note, if it was good for him, wouldn't it be good for all of us?) Naturally, our whole family began a journey of better health and wellness as we were supporting Jeremy 'resetting' his body.

This has led us to where we are today! Studying and understanding viruses, infections, illnesses, contagions, etc has left us simply without fear when illness arises. Don't get me wrong, we do care very much about those who have struggled and have lost loved ones due to illnesses, whether in their control or not, but we have learned to not fear and use the education we have to improve our situation and teach those around us.

I have done enough studying and research that I understand that immunity comes from within. Our bodies getting sick is determined by our own unique immune system. Wearing a mask and gloves doesn't help our immune system, it's a reactive response. Eating healthy, exercising, sleeping and minimizing stress is how we build our immune system, the proactive response. Does this mean that you're immune if you do these things, ABSOLUTELY NOT! It simply means you have a higher likelihood of recovering quicker.

You see, when the body gets sick, the body works hard to create antibodies to fight off occurrences with the same markers. Without severe complications, most of us can sit and wait for our bodies to do its job. While pain and discomfort is likely during the process, the body is simply wonderful and will do what it was designed to do.

This kind of 'factory reset' lets us know how we need to press forward in the future. Do we need to clean up our lives a little better to make for less sick time in the future? Do we need to educate others through our examples of positivity and hope that our bodies will recover?

There is so much to be learned about being sick if we allow ourselves to learn. Sickness often gives us time to rest and reflect. Reflect upon how we can be better, stronger or more resilient. Taking time to reflect is a necessary reset that most of us refuse unless forced to through sickness.

While I am sensitive to those who don't have bodies that work optimally, there are resources! There are countless doctors, nurses, etc working in the medical field and the natural medicine field that are there to help. Oftentimes we don't like what they have to say because they want our bodies to do the work. The more our bodies can do the work, the more likely we are to recover in the future without assistance.

NO ONE is immune from ANYTHING! When it's our time to be sick, we must honor the struggle, let our body do its job, seek medical help if necessary and reflect upon the gratitude that lies in having a body!

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