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Boldness matters; stand out and be a new, stronger version of you!

I don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account to help promote my business, however, having a booth at the Eagle Mountain farmers market brought in some great publicity.

I was excited and nervous to put myself out there and be confident to promote myself as a personal trainer. I know I have the skills and knowledge to help people but I am not as comfortable at being outgoing.

I set out to be different and break through my comfort level barriers. I was promoting my personal training business by selling T-shirt’s, and waterbottles that promote a healthier lifestyle. I didn’t sell what I was hoping, better yet, I was able to connect with some wonderful people! It was an experience that I look forward to again next week.

Not everything in life will will work out the way you think or the way you want it to, but there will always be something to learn from stepping in the charged life and bringing YOUR talents to bless the lives of others.

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