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A Goal without a Plan=Failure

As a youth, I was highly active in sports and dance. On a sports team, you train and practice for the next game. You assess strength and weaknesses and make necessary adjustments. Similarly, dance follows the same suite, however it is longer between competitions and recitals to practice, perfect and perform. There is more time between competitions to assess strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments. Yet both scenarios product results!

As an adult, I have found the love of training for races. I didn't set out to compete with others on a team. I set out to do my best and enjoy the process. I have trained for 5k, 10k and half marathons. Setting a date and signing up for a race was a way to measure my strengths and weaknesses and make necessary adjustments for the next race. Sometimes there would be long spurts before the next race, and sometimes I was ready to make the adjustments and race in less time.

Since moving to Arizona, I have hit a plateau with training. It's terribly hot in the summers, so I picked up treadmill racing with a virtual trainer. It was fun and taught me a different way to train, but it wasn't my favorite. I have come to love strength and cardio training as I have taught my clients to do so.

The benefits of having a personal trainer provide the plan for which we can achieve goals. As a personal trainer, I have been doing that for my clients, but neglecting to do it for myself. Even trainers need trainers. Even trainers need a plan.


A goal without a plan=failure.


My recent podcast listens have propelled me into the best time of year to start a new plan, the holidays? Are you serious? Yes, I'm absolutely serious. I truly believe that if you can achieve your goals while it's hard, then you can achieve them when it's easy.

So what's hard about training this time of year?

-Very few people are doing it, so accountability partners can be hard to find.

-Less daylight creates less energy to exercise and more lazy nights inside eating more food.

-Holiday goodies are bursting at the seams with something every month.

So what's my plan? To get into the best shape of my life. Physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

If you want to join me as an accountability partner or follow the journey, follow me on Facebook for daily updates!

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