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A Family adventure

Months ago I signed up my whole family for a 5k to celebrate Memorial Day. I told my husband a few weeks ago and told the kids Saturday when we were picking up our running numbers. Which means, no training for them. I knew they would enjoy it, or at least I hoped I could talk them into it.

Last night they laid out their clothes, set their alarm for 6:45 and were so excited. I was anxious to see what today would bring. (Aka how much whining I would have to coach them through 🤪)


But I was pleasantly surprised!!!! My wonderful children ran at their pace for 1.5miles without stopping. That’s a BIG deal! Especially on untrained legs! All 4 of my children finished in less than 50 minutes; yes that includes my 5 year old finishing without being carried or drug.


My reasoning for sharing this isn’t to brag or encourage You to compare yourself/family to ours. My point is to show you how much of an influence you have on your posterity. It is important that you set the example of setting and reaching physically challenging goals. It’s even more important that your children see you do it instead of talk about it.

My family has been at the finish line of every one of my races and I’m beyond proud to show them that I made it. I got to be at their finish line today, and it’s only the beginning.

My encouragement for you today is to set goals, work through the hard, fall down and get back up, and let their be an audience! Your example will set the stage for a stronger generation to stay physically active. Be a positive memory of health starting TODAY!

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