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Try Something New

This past weekend, I finally participated in a mud run. I have been dying to try it for a few years but could never commit to the time that they were held. This year, I signed up me and a friend (something bday gift, right?!) back in January! I was so excited for it until I reminded myself through the company's email reminder that it was at an equestrian park.

I got a little nervous wondering if all we would be running it would be only mud. To satisfy my happiness meter, it was only mud.

I learned some things about myself/skills/race etiquette in this event.

1. Rolling around in the mud is WAY more fun that I thought it would be.

2. I can't stand having my hands dirty, even if the rest of me is totally covered, even my teeth.

3. Mud is heavy; don't wear cotton clothes that will sag.

4. I was fiercely competitive to try every obstacle even though I only successfully completed 4 of them.

5. My arms are so weak.

6. I love the race atmosphere and seeing people do their best.

7. People are awesome to give a helping hand or words of encouragement.

8. I REALLY don't like heights.

9. Going with a friend is way better than by yourself, more laughs to enjoy than just at yourself.

10. This was a way cheaper cleansing/exfoliating experience than paying for a salon mud bath!

Trying something new comes at a cost. There are successes and failures. It's what we do with the failures that determine our desire and ability to return. While I loved every minute of the race, there are some improvements that I assessed would be helpful to be a better version of myself physically. I have got to work on my arm strength! I need to wear gloves cause I have pansy pain tolerance for my hands.

Trying something new doesn't have to be something that we dread because of the unknown. It can be something to propel us forward to make changes, learn something new or simply mark it off your bucket list ( running a race with a speedo should NEVER be on someone's bucket list, but some guy apparently had it on his, barf!)

Something I noticed about this race more than any others I have participated in is that people are far more willing to participate in physical activities when the reward is pure fun. Why do we have to make exercising a chore that we despise? Why can't it always be fun?

Being physically strong is trying some physically challenging, even if you fail!

Grab a friend, try something new, laugh a little or a lot and get dirty, or sweaty! It's all good for the soul and the body!

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