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Midweek Slump?

Ever heard of "hump day"? It's a mid week day, usually Wednesdays, and often implies the roughest day of the week. We start off the week strong, powerfully motivated and ready to crush another week, then we get to Wednesday barely trudging along until the excitement of the relaxing weekend arrives.

Follow me as I explain the analogy of climbing a mountain. It starts out being a fun adventure that we look forward to, only to experience pain and discomfort and be ready to turn back to the attitude of motivation and excitement. We keep going, but the pain of getting to the top of the hill leaves us feeling exhausted and unmotivated to continue, yet we press forward. We enjoy the view and LOVE the feeling of going down. Almost galloping like a giddy school girl to the finish line.

What if we approached every week like an adventure of climbing to the top and racing to the bottom? Mental stamina is a necessity in productivity and joy. Like a popular music artist, "Life's a climb, but the view's great". One of my closest co-runner friend says, "You earn the downhill".

Enjoy the hard, push through the slump and end the week just as powerful as you started it!

The bigger picture is always seen from the top

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