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Goal Setting 2023: Never Set Another New Year's Resolution

New Year’s resolutions have always been something that I have questioned myself. Why do people wait for a certain year to make a goal to do XYZ? Why do people think about goals now, but put them off until the new year? Why do people set SUPER high goals that are a complete change in their lifestyle pattern?

Let me give you a few examples that relate to the brands offered at Stronger Today: Health, Nutrition and Fitness.

Health: “ I’m going to stop smoking, drink less alcohol, get a better sleep, cut down on TV watching, spend more time in quality relationships, seek out a therapist, keep my appointments at the doctor, be more grateful, etc.”

Nutrition: “I’m going to stop eating sugar, carbs, fat, eat more protein, eat more veggies, say no to added sugar, drink more water, drink less soda, eat out less, have a salad a day, etc.”

Fitness: “I’m going to run a marathon, exercise everyday, walk my dog every day, lose “x” pounds by “x” date, sign up for a gym membership, find a fitness trainer, find a fitness buddy, always take the stairs, park farther in the parking lot, etc.”

While ALL of these goals are certainly attainable, what makes you think starting at the beginning of the year is going to make you more successful than starting when the thought of needing to change enters your mind? Is it because you know it will be hard and pushing it off somehow makes it easier? Is it because you want to start off a new year in hopes of complete perfection in reaching your goals because you didn’t reach them in year, 20…?


The truth is, it doesn’t get easier to stick to your goals, you get stronger and more determined to accomplish them!


But how? Maybe you’re never fully committed to a goal in the past. Maybe you fully committed but ‘life’ got in the way and derailed your efforts and you didn’t start back up. Maybe no one was there to help you and hold you accountable for your goals. Maybe it was a goal that wasn’t right for YOU. Maybe the timing was off so it was easy to push it aside. Maybe you set it so others would leave you alone.

Whatever the reason, I want to help you set those New Years Goals and then


NEVER make a New Years Resolution again.


What is this crazy lady talking about???

I’m talking about setting your LAST New Year’s Resolutions in 2023 and living a life that is constantly setting new goals, not holding to a calendar to tell you when to do so.

While I learned these traits for being a small business owner, it applies in all areas of our lives.

Goals will be achieved using the following phases: yes that means you're taking those goals one bite at a time!

Phase 1: Are you excited for the goal? Are you excited for the journey AND the results?

  • Time to get moving

Phase 2: Are you realizing that you have NO idea what you’re doing? Don’t know where to start?

  • Time to do research

Phase 3: Are you feeling like progress is being made?

  • Stay consistent

Phase 4: Mastered and ready for the next goal?

  • Time to pick a new goal but don’t forget about staying alert with the finished goal.


Decide the WHAT, WHEN & WHERE of each goal and honor the progress.


It’s important to realize that goals are set and changed on a regular basis. There isn’t a defined time, day of the week, time of year, etc, except what YOU set for yourself.

Physically write your goals, make a vision board, tell an accountability partner and GET TO WORK!.

What’s not allowed!!!

-going all in by plowing over the experts that will help

-self sabotaging when you’re not perfect, because you won’t be

-stop thinking about your goals because you haven’t reached in the time you wanted

-dragging down others who are meeting their goals

-making excuses, honor the struggles of life and then get back on track

Let's make 2023 the LAST Year you set a New Year's Resolution and the FIRST Year you set daily resolutions!

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