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Stronger Today Fitness opened doors on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 to welcome clients from West Phoenix to train in a Small Group & Personal Training facility. What happened in the first month is encouraging, hopeful and exciting. The momentum has started and will continue.

My name is Diana Smithson, owner and founder of Stronger Today Fitness. The idea of opening a brick and mortar location came shortly after having an opportunity to rest and reflect while in quarantine. Living in Arizona brought a lot of happiness and joy as I was in bed in January looking out my bedroom window and never failing to see the sunshine all day long. It was a time of rejuvenation and rest. Thinking about what I wanted to do with my business; I had been a mobile personal trainer for 2 years and teaching fitness classes at local gyms. There was a sense of emptiness and longing for something of my own.

I was approached about an opportunity to own a franchise and I dug deep into figuring out what that would be like. I researched areas. Daydreamed about the convenience of dropping my kids off at school, going to work and picking them up without them even knowing I was working. (Not that it mattered to them if I was, but it mattered to me. I wanted to be all in as a mother, and being with them is where I felt like I needed to be)

Fast forward a few months and I decided to reject the offer to own a franchise. It didn't feel right and I wanted to create my own thing. Stronger Today Fitness was a # I used when I was using social media as a fitness influencer online. It wasn't working for me to be on social, but I still remembered that was my phrase.

Fast forward a few months later and I was praying to find balance in my life. I was feeling like stretch Armstrong. (Anyone remember that toy from the 90s?) Anyways, it was the summertime and I was working more, which was good, but I wasn't with my kids while they were on summer break. I would get up super early, train for a few hours, come home and then train for a few hours in the evening. It wasn't the schedule I wanted and DEFINITELY not the traveling I wanted either.

So, as a christian, I do believe that God hears and answers our prayers, although not in the way we often hope or expect. He answered my prayer already. Through a change of events, He sent me to Utah to wait for three days while my daughter was at a dance camp. I made plans to spend time with my wonderful sis in laws and I kept feeling like I needed to go visit my previous studio that I trained with. She was my inspiration and I wanted to run some thoughts by her.

We spent a very small amount of time together and I told her I was thinking of opening up my own studio. With so much excitement and support she said, "When you left last year to move to Arizona, I knew that you would open up your own place someday". What??? How did she know that? I didn't know that and I didn't even want that?

All this time I was conversing with my sweetheart Jeremy about this possibility. He is always supportive of my thoughts, feelings and actions and was on board. I still wasn't on board, even with all the help and encouragement. My mind was blown as to "could this really be the answer to my prayer about finding more balance?"

Long story short, I jumped all in with both feet. It took 10 months from start to finish to create Stronger Today Fitness, the brick and mortar location.

There have been so many wonderful blessings that have come from the hard work.

  • Ive learned to trust my instinct more.

  • Ive learned that what i have to offer really does matter.

  • Ive learned that there are so many cheerleaders and coaches by my side.

  • Ive learned to listen closer to promptings to change things here and there.

You've read this far. Now's the exciting news. I'm such a math nerd that statistics often keep me on track when I feel discouraged. Check out the impact I've had this week helping MEN & WOMEN feel stronger today!

  • Trained 40 sessions

  • Taught 30 classes

  • Welcomed 37 unique people into my studio

I will continue to help my fellow man/woman realize their physical potential through functional training! Stronger Today Fitness was founded to 'Help all enjoy quality of life through functional training and movement.'

Here's to another month!

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