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Exercising During the Holidays? I don't have time!

Why on Earth would I exercise around the holidays? For real, you don't understand.....

-I have so much shopping to do.

-I have to wrap up year end projects at work.

-I have a lot of events to attend/coordinate/participate in.

-I’m not going to eat well anyways, so why try.

-I’m too stressed.

-I really don’t have time.

-I’m tired and burnt out.

If any of these resonate with you and your thoughts, let me explain WHY you need to exercise amidst all of these valid reasons not to.

Winter brings on a solemn mood. Some of it comes from less daylight hours. Some of it comes from the cooler temperatures and overcast skies. Some of it comes from the holiday letdown. (You know, gearing up for the cooking, gift giving, traveling, celebrating, etc that leaves you feeling like you didn’t get as much out of it as you put into it, that’s the holiday letdown)

So what can you do about it? You can’t change the amount of sunlight or the weather or really even others reactions to your preparations and hard work, but you can take care of yourself FIRST!

I am such a HUGE advocate for taking care of yourself FIRST. But that sounds selfish! No it’s actually selfish to not take care of yourself and then give your half-hearted leftovers to others. When you take care of yourself, your energy, your mood, your thoughts, you have more to give to others.

Life happens. Exercise Helps. There’s no magic pill to take away the work deadlines, the endless concerts and plays, or even the exhaustion and stress that the year end possibly brings. Exercise Helps. 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise will lift your mood, give you energy and create more productivity.

Being busy is rarely a good excuse. We all have the same amount of time given each day, but we are in charge of how we manage that time. No one is in charge of all 24 hours of our time. There is time for 30 minutes of exercise. The question is where?

Pull out your calendar and make it happen. Don’t wait for the time to be available, schedule it. Just as you schedule the parties, shows, work deadlines, shopping, cooking, etc, schedule time with yourself!

Is it easy? Of course not, or everyone would be doing it and I would have no need to write a blog post about it encouraging you! You can do this! If you need a little guidance, Subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow my Facebook Business Page for daily exercise videos for the 12 Days of Christmas Exercises.

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