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Discipline + Distraction = Discomfort Demolished

Guys, I absolutely despise being hot. I mean who likes feeling like theyre melting, having their clothes sticking to them and an overall feeling of pure discomfort? I don’t! In fact when I’m so hot, I use the word hotttttttt like it was meant to have that many t’s.

Mind you I grew up in a place that the temperatures rarely made it to 100 “technically“ but with the humidity, well over 💯! And humidity is no joke. It’s a different kind of hot. The kind where you shower and then immediately feel like you need another one.

Well....I’m happily vacationing in Florida with my family and it’s hotttttttt. I’m training for a big race, for me, this weekend and it’s hotttttttt. Even getting up at 6:30 to run outside is hotttttt.

So what’s my point in sharing this with you? I’m here to tell you how you can overcome whatever your discomfort is with a little healthy distraction and most importantly DISCIPLINE!

I plugged in my tunes, and off I went running. Was it hottttt, YeS! Did I feel it? YeS! Did I want to stop and sit in the shade for a while? YeS! But....Did it get in between me and finishing? NO!!!

The truth is, exercise that’s truly good for you hardly comes at a cost that’s “comfortable“. If it did, you wouldn’t have much progress. Find something (music, accountability partner, goal posts, even your fav treat at the end) to help you stay disciplined to finish. It has to be your hard to truly feel accomplished, and that’s different for everyone.

I mastered my hard TODAY, and I’ll

do it tomorrow too. Podcasts and music and the beautiful scenery does It for me every time.

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