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Connecting With Yourself During the Holidays and Forward

What does it mean to take care of yourself? For some it means to take a nap, get your hair done, play a round of golf with friends, spend time with a loved one, meditate, pray, take a shower or bath, get dressed for the day, eat 3 meals a day, etc. Taking care of yourself is an individual pursuit yet one that I would like to shed a little light on the need to figure out what taking care of yourself really means.

For years I have preached the need to take care of you so you can take care of others. As a wife and mother of 4 children and 3 dogs, a friend, neighbor, business owner, church group leader, daughter, granddaughter, etc, there are a lot of people that count on me. While some might see it as a burden to have so many people need them, I see it as a blessing. It is an opportunity for me to serve others. Often, as I’m serving them, I am being taught more how to be served.

Taking care of myself is important, wouldn’t you agree? If I didn’t feel like getting out of my pajamas one day and showed up to coach my clients, that would seem a little inappropriate. If I laid on the couch for days on end and didn’t shop for food or clothing or pay bills, my family would struggle. If I just didn’t feel like caring for my community and fellow women and their families, the effects would cause a ripple effect.


I’m not saying that I have NEVER done these things or been highly tempted to do them for long periods of time. What I am saying is that those are the times that I need to connect with myself and find the purpose behind what I do.


This isn’t my typical preaching of eating healthy, drinking water, exercising and sleeping to take care of yourself, while those are definitely important daily ways to do so. I am talking about connecting with your mental ability to make sense of the world around you and how valued you truly are. How your life matters. How you have unique traits and attributes that bless and inspire the lives of others. How you have a purpose on this Earth, even if you don’t quite know what it is.

I’m pleading with you to take care of yourself.

My son was taken to the urgent care after a quick go kart accident yesterday assuming that his arm was broken. We didn’t take time to think and overanalyze. We went straight to the professionals that would be able to answer our curiosity. If the answer was yes he did in fact break it, then there was a solution. If the answer was that he didn’t break it, then at least we knew how to proceed with his care.

Could this be the same as our mental health? Sometimes thoughts creep into our minds. Curiosity is there if it is reality or false. Can you seek such an expert that will confirm or deny such thoughts just like an urgent care doctor can prove a broken bone? Yes you can! If you don’t need a Crisis Lifeline 988, maybe you just need a friend or family to talk to. Whatever your situation, don’t try to fix it alone.

My son’s arm needed professional help. We couldn’t take an x-ray, reset or even cast it. We NEEDED help. While we are quick to head to the doctor with anything involving the neck down, let us pay attention more to what’s happening from the neck up!

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. It is selfless. You are creating a better version of yourself that will better be able to care for others.

So take a Pause each day and connect with Yourself. Your body will tell you what it needs, will you listen?

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20 dic 2022

That was great advise. I needed to hear that today. Thank you for sharing.

Me gusta
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