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7 Keys to Start Exercising Again

Have you ever started exercising and then something got in the way? Was it lack of time? Was it lack of routine? Was it lack of resources? Was it lack of support? Was it lack of motivation or discipline?

Exercising is needed for our mental, emotional and physical health.

You know that, which is why you started in the first place. I aim to help you start again.

As with starting anything new or restarting again, it's HARD! The body resists and fights. The muscles try to convince you that it's too hard and not worth the effort. The brain chimes in and tells you 'if you're not going to be perfect at XYZ, then don't even try.' The heart brings it its two cents and says that you can't possibly keep the pace. And then you're there, where EVERYONE gets more often than they like.


The battle with MOTIVATION vs. DISCIPLINE.


Rarely does motivation lead to action. And if it does, it's generally from an outside source. Maybe you're motivated to exercise because you have a cruise, high school reunion or wedding coming up. Or someone has treated you poorly about your weight or inability to keep up that motivates you to take better care. But the truth is,

motivation isn't enough.

There will be days when you can talk yourself out of exercising or convince yourself that there's plenty of time, so a rest day/week/month is okay.


Discipline moves the needle!


Discipline rewires your brain to stop sabotaging your efforts. You're too tired, don't have the time, don't have an exercise partner, don't have the resources, ,etc is no match for discipline. Discipline finds a way and sticks to it. Motivation is powered by external forces. Discipline is powered by internal forces.


No one can care more about your health than you do!

You have to be disciplined enough to care.


So what does starting over look like. It doesn't matter how long you've been gone from taking care of yourself by daily movement, you can always start again. Be kind to yourself as the beginning is always the hardest. Mentally and physically, a resistance will be there. You can do it! Just keep going!

7 keys to starting again and sticking to it:

  1. Set a time of the day that you can consistently commit to exercising. WRITE IT DOWN. Calendar on the wall, alarm on your phone, some way that you will be able to be reminded. Commit to every other day to start.

  2. Warm up your body by fueling with water and a small source of digestable carbohydrates.

  3. Focus on proper shoe attire. Stability and support is the key!

  4. At the beginning, start with 20 minutes. Set a timer and get to work.

  5. MOVE! Take a walk, do sit-ups, crunches, pushups, squats, anything that requires ONLY body weight.

  6. Stretch and recover.

  7. Find an accountability partner. This could include your dog, mom, sister, friend, spouse, child, etc. Someone that you are going to tell that you started again!

If you're struggling to find the routine, accountability, effort, discipline, let me be your trainer! At Stronger Today Fitness, Small Group/Personal Training sessions help my clients achieve their goals through functional training and movement. Designed with your goals and abilities in mind, you leave the studio feeling Stronger Today, adding one more ounce of Discipline to the canteen of strength that resides within you.


Book a FREE Fitness consultation TODAY!


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